Program Description

With the release of the 29 CFR OSHA 1926 Subpart CC Mobile Crane and Derrick standard, sections 1926.1425 and 1926.1428 requires that all personnel that will perform rigging and signaling duties must be at a minimum “qualified” to do so. OSHA 1926.1425 states that all personnel that will be either hooking, unhooking or guiding a load in the “fall zone” must be trained. OSHA 1926.1428 also states that all personnel that will signal a crane either by hand, voice or audible/radio signals must be a qualified signalperson.

Pinnacle Training Solutions provides training along with real life experiences that will prepare your employees to better understand the importance of a “qualified rigger” and a “qualified signalperson” when working with a crane.

The Qualified Rigger training program covers but not limited to:

  • How to properly inspect all types of rigging gear prior to every use.
  • Proper selection of the required rigging gear for the task at hand.
  • The different types of sling materials; wire rope slings, synthetic web and roundslings, chain slings, wire mesh slings and any other type of sling your company may use.
  • Proper sling angles.
  • Find a loads center of gravity.

Along with other important topics that are related to become a Qualified Rigger.

The Qualified Signalperson training programs covers but not limited to:

  • Operations and limitations associated with a mobile crane.
  • The proper hand, voice and audible/radio signals
  • Electrocution hazards when signaling a mobile crane.
  • The effects of high and gusting winds.
  • Dynamic loading and dynamic unloading a crane.
  • Boom deflection.

Along with other important topics that are related to become a Qualified Signalperson.

The instructors are Pinnacle Training Solutions are NCCCO Certified Rigger/Signalpersons, NCCCO Rigger/Signalperson Practical Examiners and Master Rigger Certified.

PTS will tailor a program that will specifically meet your company’s needs that will allow your employees to perform the task at hand safely to help prevent and/or eliminate accidents.

Please call or email with any other questions, pricing information and to ask about scheduling a class!