Program Description

Pinnacle Training Solutions offers NCCC0 Certified Overhead Crane Operator training and testing. The instructors at Pinnacle Training Solutions are NCCCO Certified Overhead Crane operators along with NCCCO Overhead Crane Practical Examiners that provide real life operating experiences.

The NCCCO Overhead Crane Operator Certification process consists of both a written examination and a practical examination.

Written Exam:

The NCCO Overhead Crane Operator written certification exam tests the following knowledge areas relating to the operation of overhead cranes:

Domain 1: Pre-Operation Activities (Approximately 27% of the test)

Domain 2: Work Requirements (Approximately 27% of the test)

Domain 3: Load Handling (Approximately 27% of the test)

Domain 4: Shutdown & Secure (Approximately 4% of the test)

Domain 5: Technical Knowledge (Approximately 15% of the test)

Practical Exam:

The following is an outline of the practical testing procedure, as provided to candidates at the time of testing. The Practical Exam tasks are:

Each testing candidate is required to pass both the written exam and practical exam before becoming a NCCCO Certified Overhead Crane Operator. The certification is valid for 5 years at which time each candidate must be recertified.


Please contact PTS with any questions concerning the NCCCO process, pricing and scheduling!