Aerial-Scissor Lift

Aerial-Scissor Lift, either truck mounted aerial platforms or mobile scaffolds, are used every day on all types of construction and maintenance projects. OSHA 1926.453 and 1926.454 requires that only trained and authorized personnel operate aerial/scissor lifts. Pinnacle Training Solutions covers training on all manufactured types of aerial and scissors lifts including, but not limited to, [...]

Forklift Training

Every year, OSHA states that there are over 90,000 forklift incidents, with around 100 of those fatalities and with more than 20,000 injuries annually. Many of those ae preventable with proper safety precautions but there are numerous reasons for forklift accidents; bad sight lines, blind zones, noise, people wearing hearing protection, back end swing radius, [...]

Mobile Crane Training

On November 8, 2010 OSHA released the new 29 CFR 1926 Subpart CC Mobile Crane and Derrick’s standard. The standard requires that all mobile crane operators working with a mobile crane on a construction project must be either “qualified” or “certified” to operate a mobile crane with a capacity of 1 ton or more. Pinnacle [...]

Overhead Cranes Training

Overhead cranes are used in many industries to move heavy and oversized objects that other material handling methods cannot. These cranes have a railed support structure, also known as a bridge, and a wheeled trolley that travels across the bridge horizontally. Several varieties of overhead cranes exist including gantry, semi-gantry, cantilever gantry, bridge, wall cranes [...]

Rigger-Signal Person Training

With the release of the 29 CFR OSHA 1926 Subpart CC Mobile Crane and Derrick standard, sections 1926.1425 and 1926.1428 requires that all personnel that will perform rigging and signaling duties must be at a minimum “qualified” to do so. OSHA 1926.1425 states that all personnel that will be either hooking, unhooking or guiding a [...]